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Here at Indie Remix Studios, we can help make your dream a reality by porting and publishing games that you have made  for PC and mobile to the most successful gaming consoles across the world because we are licensed partners with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo! 

As licensed partners with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo we have access to the expensive dev kits required to bring your game to your favorite platform. Also, we have the knowledge and expertise to port your game quickly and efficiently.  

Indie Remix Studios has a great team of developers that will be able to work with you remotely to ensure that not only are your goals maintained but realized when porting to console.  Even though systems are different, we will ensure that the integrity of the game is maintained during the porting process. Modifications will be required to bring your game to console for things the controls, resolutions, and other specific console requirements such as point systems and trophies.


We can either make all of the decisions for what we believe would be best for the porting to the console, or we will work with you to take your feedback and input and our expertise to ensure that the best decisions are being made so the game meets your expectations as well as the customer. 

Don't feel like your game is stuck in the over crowded mobile and PC market forever, with our help we can get you into the console market where your game will get the attention it deserves.

If you are interesting in porting your game to any or all consoles you can contact us at  

If you want us to evaluate your game to see if we think it will be a good fit for porting to console, you can send us an APK, a completed build, or a download key for evaluation. Please provide any information that you think would help us in our decision to work with you and why your game should be ported to console. 

Any questions comments or concerns about these porting services can be sent to  

Unity Console Porting Services

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