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Indie Remix Studios

Indie Remix Studios is a video game software development company. We take old, tried and true video game concepts and ideas and re-make them into new, fun, and exiting games. Currently we are 2 independent developers who work on these games in our spare time, hoping to one day make enough to work on our games and company full time. 


Indie Remix Studios will also take on contracts for video games. If you supply graphics, sounds and game ideas we can develop your game idea for you at a negotiated price and percentage of residual income of in app purchases, and advertisements.

Our Team
Adam Kessler, CEO & Founder

Hello, I'm Adam. I am a Senior Application Developer, Video Game Developer, CEO and Co-Founder of Indie Remix Studios. I have over 15 years computer programming experience. I am a passionate leader and developer with a proven track record for successfully implementing complex applications successfully and even prior to expedited release dates. I have single-handedly built scale full applications from the ground up, wore every hat on the rack that there is to wear. 


Jerome Bjornstad, Senior Developer

I'm a ten year veteran, having served ten years in the Air Force.  Since then, I've gone to college at Gonzaga University and fallen in love with programming, getting a degree in Math and Computer Science.  While I've created multiple applications across a broad spectrum, my passion and heart lies in the gaming world.  I especially love older, "vintage", games and giving these classics a modern twist reshines light back on these forgotten masterpieces.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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